We took 6 years of experience building off road sprinter conversions and applied our off road experience in building the safest, strongest, and most solid and sound construction of any luxury vehicle built to date. We took 10+ years of private limo ownership as an occupant and applied real world experience to the vehicle design. Our experience helped us apply luxury details that are useful, as compared to features that just get in the way and don’t get used.


Step into luxury like no other. NextLevel™ is not just transportation, it’s an experience!
Why be in a hurry to get to the party when you have the party at your fingertips. With the touch of a button you’re listening to music, watching the latest videos, immersing yourself into moving clouds, or traveling through a worm hole in space. The choice is yours!


The Next Level™ audio experience is unmatched, in sound quality and clarity. Listen to the perfection of crisp highs with mids and bass that fill the vehicle with unrivaled sound quality. Our award winning automotive sound design team creates big sound at high volumes with zero distortion. Our sound barrier interior allows the guests to party without bothering the driver or being heard outside the vehicle.


Want to see a light show? Or float in the clouds? Or how about Music Videos?
Surround yourself and guests with an optical experience they will never forget. The Next Level™ full immersion graphic ceiling surrounds each passenger with full television video graphics that will excite the mind and get the party started. There is no bad seat to this party with displays on the ceiling, front and rear walls. Choose from over 20 one-of-a-kind immersive graphic effects that are sure to wow your guests. Redefine transportation, and see why passengers are in no rush to reach their destination or leave this amazing vehicle.


Elevate yourself and step into a luxurious cabin with an abundance of attitude.
A mix of innovative, technically crafted materials and bold upholstery. Each seat is hand crafted and the pinnacle of comfort and style. Safety is paramount, so each seat is equipped with a lap belt and shoulder harness.
Easily share stories with friends and guests with face-to-face seating, making your time together more enjoyable. Clean lines and soft lighting create a comfortable and relaxing cabin.


Convenience is a must when it comes to beverage service.
Start with a top-of-the-line refrigerator drawer that keeps all of your glassware and mixers cold at all times.
Add to that bottle storage in the back with cup holders in the front.
In the heart of our console is the Next Level™ portable ice cooler. Easily transport your ice in an out of the vehicle as you go to each destination. Simply pull out the ice bin and drop into a shoulder bag and your party is now portable.


Don’t lose control by having all of your systems on one touch screen. We separate each system control to make using the vehicle easy and dependable. Video, audio, air, lighting and partition controls work independently. Only use what you need and never worry that if you have a failure, all other systems will continue to work.


The driver never needs to leave the vehicle to open a door and focus on passenger safety. With a push of a button, our quiet automatic door opens to FULLY open position, while simultaneously the vehicle side step electronically descends to easily let passengers enter and exit the vehicle.


The Next Level™ chassis is the “Low Roof” 144 wheelbase. Our vehicle is designed to give the passenger the real intimate feeling of a limo, but without the inconvenience of a traditional limo. Easily enter and exit the vehicle without crawling down a long bench seat. Our “LOW” ceiling keeps passengers safe by not giving them the desire to stand up while the vehicle is in motion, as with traditional high roof vehicles.


By moving the AC from the roof to the underside of the vehicle, the low roof chassis sits at a low 7’ 6”. Modern commercial parking garages have a first level that is typically 8ft. This means you can pickup, drop-off, and park anywhere. With a shorter 144” wheel base, this vehicle can be parked in any standard parking space or in a home garage.


We implement the same quality and comfort for a driver as we do for the guests. A driver has full control of each system to help passengers listen to music, change the air, open and close the door and work the partition. The front cabin comes with dual backup displays in the stereo and in the mirror. Upgraded stereo allows the driver to have blue tooth for music and calls. Storage for Luggage .